Design Service What this Means for YouThe Benefit to You
COVID-19: Delivery & Take-AwayWe will partner with you and your team to develop an efficient process to execute without sacrificing quality and the guest experience.As we implement the step by step process, including appropriate packaging. This will drive sales and traffic.
COVID-19: Space planningWe will re-evaluate your existing floor plan: How guests enter and exit the building, how they are seated, how much space inside and outside the building is needed to efficiently execute Delivery & Take-away. By reworking your floor plan this creates opportunities from the social distancing requirements that limit your overall dining room capacity.
Prototype DevelopmentDesign specifications and guidelines are created. Setting the standard for renovations and new construction projects as they are implemented to additional locations. This ensures additional projects are consistent in the look and feel to reinforce the Brands identity throughout all locations.
Onsite SurveysField measurements are taken of your existing space, millwork and furniture. To establish accuracy when implementing the new space plan.Reduces the margin of error and risk of change orders when renovating or building out a space.
Space planningDefines the zones of the space and the activities that will take place in those zones. The space plan will also define the circulation patterns that show how people will move through the spaceThis drawing outlines how the space will be utilized efficiently in conjunction with your business needs.
RenderingsWe generate photorealistic images of the proposed vision of your space.This allows you and your team to view all of the proposed innovations to your space before construction begins.
Furniture, Fixture and Equipment (FF&E) Selections: Case furniture, Millwork, Flooring, Wall treatments, Lighting, Artwork, Signage and graphicsWe will select items that are durable, functional, complimentary to your Brand and within your budget.We will provide you with a projected life span and cleaning and maintenance instructions to align with the manufacturers warranty for each item.
Shop drawing reviewWe will review these drawings prior to fabrication for millwork, stainless steel, booths, casework etc. This review verifies measurements and design intent are accurately depicted.
FF&E budget/proposals developedWe will conduct price and lead time negotiations with vendors.This allows you to benefit from our 20 year relationship with quality vendors.
Purchase and Track — furniture, fixtures, etc.We will purchase on your behalf and track shipments to confirm accurate delivery dates to align with your project schedule. This provides you with One point of contact. This will allow you to focus on serving the guest.


Construction Project Management ServiceWhat this Means for YouThe Benefit to You
Develop and manage the project budget in accordance with client’s requirementsWe will balance the project checkbook as if it were our own money.We will issue to you, regular tracking reports that summarize each category's current spend.
Assist in general contractor and vendor selections including contract negotiationsDevelop the team that will implement your vision. This is integral to the success of the project.We have 20+ years experience with general contractors and vendors and know how to utilize partnerships effectively.
Manage permit approval processThis is a lengthy, complex and time consuming process that will derail your project if it is not managed properly.We will meet with the necessary permit officials for plan submissions, plan reviews and any committee hearings.
Construction Schedule development/maintenanceSchedule development is a key factor in maintaining your budget. This schedule sets the expectations and accountability for each team member.If contractors and vendors are not managed effectively it will cause a disruption to your business and your budget.
Construction/Installation – Site Supervision: General contractor and Sub-contractors We will manage the day to day of the project to ensure you stay on budget and on schedule.This provides you with One point of contact. This will allow you to focus on serving the guest.
Fabrication on custom orders: Millwork, Stainless steel fabrication, etc.We will review the approved shop drawings, delivery and installation of these items.This ensures the approved design intent is implemented correctly. Therefore your budget and schedule are not impacted.
Provide weekly jobsite reports including progress photos This is a communication tool that keeps you informed and up to date on your project.This eliminates SURPRISES from week to week without having to take time out of your busy day/week to visit the site numerous times.
Walk-Through and Punch ListWe will walk your space from top to bottom.All items will be completed to the highest level of detail.
Supervision of Punch List CompletionEach item listed on the Punchlist will be completed accurately and within a timely manner.This ensures you, your team and your guests are delighted with the completed project.


Team Development ServiceWhat this Means for YouThe Benefit to You
Evaluate existing Design, Construction and Procurement team membersWe will review the current skillsets, experience, workload and conduct one on one interviews with team members. We will also review vendor categories, price per unit and amount spent per year.By developing a strategic process, this facilitates accountability and efficiency within the team. For both internal and external team members as your priorities ebb and flow.